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Valley City Workforce Study

A Valley City workforce study completed September 2016 shows a region with a skilled and motivated labor force that has the aptitude and willingness to explore new employment opportunities.


  • Automaticallyeliminates problems of time zones, distance and communication.
  • Close to talent pool known for quality work.
    • 35,000 population within 35 miles and nearly 200,000 population within 55 miles
    • 37,000 estimated student population within 50 minutes of Valley City
    • 9 Universities and Colleges within 50 minutes
    • Cass County 50 miles east of Valley City is the fastest growing area in the State

Pool of Talented Workers
Valley City, Barnes County and surrounding areas offer a sizeable labor pool of talent that possesses considerable skills, education and a strong work ethic.

VCSU Graduates around 175 "technology-rich" college students each year, with about 50 to 75 of those concentrating in Business Administration, Business Process Integration Management, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Science.


Want more labor and wage information?
The Labor Survey provides information and characteristics about the potential labor force (skills, educational level, etc.) Download a complete summary, or request a full copy of the report at (701) 840-7820.

"It’s evident from our accomplishments that North Dakota’s university system is developing world-class people. We’re able to successfully service the largest companies in North America—companies that have the most sophisticated requirements—from North Dakota with North Dakotan graduates. This achievement is a tribute to the educational system in the state."
- Ken Behrendt, President & CEO, Eagle Creek Software Services, Inc.


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