What We Do

We work directly with donors, foundations, corporations and nonprofit organizations to educate them about issues affecting our communities and offer support for their charitable goals.

At the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation our vision is to THRIVE together in the Sheyenne Valley. We do this by connecting donors to the needs of our local charitable organizations.

Our Mission: To help our Valley thrive by inspiring the spirit of giving that allows us to invest in people and solutions to benefit the Sheyenne River Valley Community.

Guiding Principles:

The Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation is a place where people’s ideas, initiatives and generosity support thriving, responsible communities.


Teach and promote philanthropy. One of the major roles of a community foundation is to teach individuals and the community at large about the value of philanthropy and taking personal responsibility for improving our nonprofit sector.

Act as a community leader and promote community development. Going beyond promoting philanthropy, the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation coordinates with local decision makers – including non-profit leaders, local officials, the business community, and representatives of other foundations and funders – to develop coordinated programs that enhance and promote the Sheyenne River Valley area.

Quick Contact

Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation
Andrea Nelson, Director
250 West Main Street
Valley City ND 58702

Phone: 701-490-1596
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An endowment fund allows a donor to support a cause that they value in perpetuity
The program allowed my children to participate in activities that otherwise would not have been an option for them due to fnancial costs.Community Wellness For All Program Recipient
Andrea Nelson, Director
250 West Main - PO Box 724
Valley City, ND 58072
Phone: 701-490-1596