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10 reasons north dakota is an economic powerhouse

10 Reasons why North Dakota is an
economic powerhouse.

The RTC Difference

The RTC model is based on the philosophy that an incubator should tailor programs and spaces to fit your goals, not theirs.

A Step Ahead for Your Startup

The Regional Technology Center (RTC) is a highly competitive startup landscape where ventures become adventures. We offer a customizable Technology Center that helps your concepts and ideas accelerate quickly into execution and evolution.

Located in Valley City, ND, the RTC is a dynamic partnership between the Valley City-Barnes County Development Corporation and Valley City State University (VCSU). The Technology Center was created to take advantage of the unique expertise and relationships in the area.

North Dakota has experienced being of one of the nation’s most robust and thriving economies. It’s in our nature around here to do what it takes to help our neighbors succeed. Why Valley City?

  • How may we help you?

    • Business and financial support
      • We support your entrepreneurial goals, including financial assistance.
    • Networking
      • We find areas of need and network accordingly for you.
    • Family assistance
      • We help you and your family relocate and assist in job searching for your spouse or partner.
    • Economic partnerships
      • We nurture partnerships between private businesses and VCSU.
    • Workforce
      • We provide you with an expert, homegrown workforce, including software engineering and other IT graduates from VCSU, as well as professionals in the areas of business administration, accounting and other key areas beneficial to tech ventures.
    • Opportunity
      • We develop business and career opportunities for the best in the business.
    • Training
      • We facilitate professional training, customized learning, career opportunities, cutting-edge technology and a state-of-the-art facility that can be tailored to your needs.

RTC Quick Start Model

We have evolved the regional technology concept by localizing and adapting to each business venture we host.

  • Individualize

    We customize our resources to fit your venture and eliminate distractions so you can focus on your core competencies.

  • Identify

    We look at everything you need to successfully establish and grow your business.

  • Connect

    We locate community businesses and services for you to assist in business structure planning, marketing, accounting practices and more.

  • Finance

    We provide financial assistance and tap into resources that will help you.

  • Mentor

    We provide mentorship from other successful ventures, including networking opportunities with like-minded people and companies.

"This is the perfect fit for startups and expansions because the region has the best understanding of a tech venture business problem and proactively provides solutions."

Ken Behrendt / Eagle Creek president and CEO

The Facility


We understand how technology businesses operate. As your launching pad, we’ll connect you with community partners and university students.

Valley City–Barnes County Development Corporation owns the 20,000 sq.ft., state-of-the-art Technology Center. The corporation’s philosophy is to take a hands-on, individualized approach to assisting technology companies.

  • Regional Technology Center

    • 20,000 sq.ft. Technology Center owned by the Development Corporation
    • True redundancy with dual routes through two separate service providers
      • InterCommunity Telephone Co. - Fiber to the east, into and out of the Technology Center
      • BEK Communications-Fiber to the west, switch house two blocks east of the Center
    • Full connectivity (fiber, copper, cable), security (network room), training lab (seats 45+), two conference rooms (seats 10/25), break room, work room, and parking
    • Back-up Generator-ICTC generator provides back up to main area and network room. A company can have confidence that the only time it is down, is when "they say they're down".
    • Space available immediately. We will provide suitable "rent free" space for one year to house insurance, taxes, general maintenance, etc.
    • The ability to move quickly may be helpful allowing the company to focus on its business and deliver on contracts.
    • Multiple Service Providers-InterCommunity Telephone Company, BEK Communications, CenturyLink, and Cable Services.
    • Location:
      • Automatically eliminates problems of time zones, distance, and communication.
      • Close to talent pool known for quality work.
        • 35,000 population within 35 miles and nearly 200,000 population within 55 miles.
        • 37,000 estimated student population within 50 minutes of Valley City.
        • 9 Universities and Colleges within 50 minutes of Valley City.
        • Cass County 50 miles east of Valley City is the fastest growing area in the state.
    • Community
      • New Wellness Center - completed in fall 2016
      • Quality of Place/Housing
      • Service & Retail Business Development
      • Commercial air service within 50 minutes of Valley City; located on Interstate 94

    For More Information, Contact:
    Jennifer Feist, Director of Development
    Valley City-Barnes County Development Corporation
    250 West Main Street, Valley City, ND, 58072
    Phone/Direct: 701.840.7820
    Email: vdg@hellovalley.com

  • Space available

    Suite 1 - 2,215 sq. ft.
    Suite 2 - 3,714 sq. ft. / EduTech; 6 open offices
    Suite 3 - 4,377 sq. ft.
    Suite 4 - 3,044 sq. ft. / Preventice Solutions
    2 Garages - 386 sq. ft. each


Workforce Development

Homegrown Expertise

Located near the Regional Technology Center is Valley City State University, a leader in STEM education and has earned the U.S. News and World Report’s Best Colleges in America for 20 years and counting.

  • Technology on the prairie

    • Ahead of the curve
      • Known for being ahead of the educational technology curve for decades, VCSU was the second college in the nation to disseminate laptop computers to students in 1996.
    • STEM leaders
      • VCSU is developing highly qualified graduates and leaders with critical skills for the 21st century workforce.
      • Valley City State University is the leader in STEM education and established the Great Plains STEM Education Center (GPSEC) in 2010. Students acquire an advanced skill set that includes communicating effectively in teams, and embracing diversity – keys to success in a 21st century work environment. Emphasis on hands-on learning and creative problem-solving, while employing the principals and processes of scientific inquiry and engineering design, is useful in all disciplines. The GPSEC:
        • Helps create the path toward broadly implementing STEM Education in North Dakota.
        • Leads development of the North Dakota STEM Network (a collective of stakeholders coordinating statewide STEM efforts).
        • Serves as the state’s fiduciary agent as selected by the 2013 North Dakota Legislature for funding appropriation.
        • Establishes connections with businesses and industries that recognize the need to prepare high school graduates to be career and college ready, equipped with essential problem-solving and communication skills.
    • A strong education collaboration
      • VCSU professors and educators offer many degree tracks and customized curricula focused on how best to optimize the need for talented and highly skilled employees for incubator residents. Often, students become strong candidates for employment.
      • VCSU collaborates with area employers through its Internship Program so that companies gain valuable workforce and students gain valuable experience.
  • VCSU currently offers many technolory field-related degrees

    • CRM, Oracle CRM, SAP, SAP CRM
    • Business Intelligence - Database Systems, Data Warehousing, and Data Mining
    • IT Project Management - Microsoft Project, PMP/CAPM
    • Enterprise Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • Systems Analysis and Design
    • Software Engineering
    • Business and Process Integration Management (BPIM)
  • VCSU is committed to academic excellence

    • Students get one-on-one attention from faculty with a student-faculty ratio of 12:1.
    • Eight graduates since 2010 have been recipients of the EPSCOR award – more than any other college in regional North Dakota colleges.
homegrown expertise

North Dakota - an Economic Powerhouse

Why North Dakota and Valley City?

According to Eagle Creek President and CEO Ken Behrendt, North Dakota and Valley City are the perfect fit for tech ventures because the region:

  • Has the best understanding of a tech venture business problem.
  • Understands financial issues of a regional tech startup.
  • Has the ability to understand and deal with inherent risk.
  • Brings together a complete team of local, state and national experts.
  • Is in a league of its own when it comes to aggressive state and local economic development teams.
  • Most committed to success.
  • Has the best combined economic incentives of all states and communities.

10 Reasons North Dakota is an Economic Powerhouse

  • 1

    #1 in four categories: Quality of Life, Growth of Young Population, Labor Force Participation Rate, and Budget Balancing and #4 overall best state.
    U.S. News & World Report, 2018

  • 2

    #2 in the nation in state competitiveness and in a national entrepreneurship index.
    Beacon Hill, 2012

  • 3

    Best run state in the nation 2 years in a row.
    Wall Street, 2013

  • 4

    Over $1 billion in personal, corporate and property tax cuts in 2009, 2011 and 2013.
    North Dakota Tax Commissioner

  • 5

    Millennials in North Dakota are the best off financially.
    Brookings Institute, 2018

  • 6

    Best States for Business and Careers
    Forbes Magazine, 2013

  • 7

    585 percent increase in exports since 2000
    U.S. Department of Commerce, 2012

  • 8

    #1 for the Best Jobs Market
    Gallup Job Creation Index, 2012

  • 9

    #1 highest growth of GDP in 2010, 2011, and 2012
    Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2012 & 2013

  • 10

    Nation's #1 top overall growth performer since 2000.
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 2013 / University of Nebraska, Bureau of Business Research, 2012

"With low operating costs, a skilled workforce and aggressive investments in higher education and technology, our state is working to create a positive business climate."

John Hoeven / Former ND governor

John Hoeven

Legendary North Dakota

The sunsets that dip down low across the wide-open Sheyenne River Valley horizon will make you fall in love with our seasons. Plus, there are year-round adventures just down the highway at Lake Ashtabula, Ft. Ransom, public golf courses, hiking trails, snowmobiling, and much more.

Just 45 minutes the other direction is North Dakota's largest and fastest growing city: Fargo.

Success Story

Eagle Creek of Valley City—Grew up and out of the RTC

In January 2005, Eagle Creek Software Services, a successful U.S. Onshore Technology Services Company located in the Twin Cities, became one of the RTC's first residents. Using what has since become known as The Dakota Business Model, the company quickly outgrew its space.

In December 2011, Eagle Creek moved its expanded operations into Tech II, a two-story, 20,000 sq. ft. technology project center built by the Development Corporation.

Today, Eagle Creek in Valley City continues to provide employment and business opportunities for the region. Its business model has continued to inspire the way the RTC functions as a support system for incubator residents.

About Eagle Creek

With more than 300 consultants, Eagle Creek Software Services is an Oracle partner and the largest United States-based systems integrator, providing consulting and technical services within:

  • Application Development
  • Oracle CRM (Siebel, CRM On Demand, etc.)
  • Business intelligence and data integration
  • Corporate software development
eagle creek video

"As a software service company, our dominance in the marketplace is about the quality of our people and keeping customers satisfied. In a market that is already extremely competitive, Fortune 1500 companies are looking for what we have found: a partnership and model that works."

Ken Behrendt / Eagle Creek president and CEO

Ken Behrendt

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